Soenke Thomsen

Dipl.-Ing. MBA

Soenke Thomsen is entrepreneur, personally liable shareholder and spokesman of Lehmann&Voss&Co. KG in Hamburg, a chemical company that has been marketing chemical and mineral specialties to industrial clients for more than 125 years. The family business is now in its 4th generation.
After studying architecture in Germany and Spain, Soenke initially worked for several years as an architect in renowned offices in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. After completing a part-time MBA, he joined the family business in 2004, where he rose through several positions to become managing director of the parent company as well as the company groups holding.
Soenke is committed to sustainability and the preservation of natural livelihoods, both in his companies and in his private life, with a particular focus on digital and innovative approaches. Soenke joined United Sustainability through a private project that aims to combine sustainability and inclusion with digitalization, as well as through the strong overlap of guiding values and intentions.