Jascha Rohr

Magister Philosophy and Sociology

Jascha Rohr is an internationally reputed expert in the fields of transformation management and participatory design as well as a process designer and facilitator of collaborative design and organizational processes. In 2005 he founded the Permaculture Academy and established this agroecological subject in Germany. He is managing director and was founder of the Institute for Participative Design (IPG), Oldenburg, in 2008 with his wife, Prof. Sonja Hörster. Furthermore, he founded the Cocreation Foundation in 2020 and serves as its Chairman of the Board.

Jascha studied philosophy and sociology at the University Oldenburg, London Guildhall University and Trier University. The Institute for Participatory Design (IPG) is at the forefront of conceptual, collaborative development for local administrations, state, and federal politics, civil society organizations, as well as business enterprises. In this context, the IPG, under the direction of Jascha and Sonja Hörster, designed the national citizens’ councils and implemented them nationwide in Germany on behalf of the German Bundestag.

With the Permaculture Academy, Jascha made a significant contribution to bringing the concept of permaculture as a regenerative agroecological practice into the professional and media mainstream. With Sonja Hörster, he developed the Field-Process-Model for analyzing and guiding transformation processes and creative group working.

With the Cocreation Foundation and its international network, Jascha addresses processes of global governance, pluralistic democracy development and aims at the realization of planetary ecosystem restoration to bring about desirable futures for humanity.

Honorary positions (selection)

  • Bertelsmann Foundation & Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs – Future Global Leader

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation – Scholarship Holder

  • Schumacher College – Scholarship Holder

Stations (selection)

  • IPG Institute for Participative Design – Founder, Managing Director

  • Cocreation Foundation – Founder, Chairman of the Board

  • Permaculture Academy, Germany – Founder, Managing Director

  • weXelwirken GbR – founder, Managing Director

  • self eG (HUB Berlin) – Supervisory Board

  • ECS European Center for Sustainability Research – Visiting Scientist

  • IBS IT & Business School Oldenburg – Lecturer, Innovation and Collaboration

  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management – Lecturer, Creative Complexity

  • Postgraduate College “Technisierung und Gesellschaft” – Associate