German Ocean Foundation

The German Ocean Foundation (Deutsche Meeresstiftung) is dedicated to the sustainable development of marine and nature conservation and a careful, regenerative use of the oceans. It targets to ensure, that people can maintain the seas and waters sustainably and manage them regeneratively without exploiting them.

The foundations aims to strengthen awareness and give the seas and waters a strong voice in society and the economy, in order to create a broad “sea-consciousness: in political decision-makers, in opinion-makers, in the economy, in the general population and, above all, in the youth in order to overcome the present irresponsibility.

For this, the German Ocean Foundation is bundling individual activities and creates synergies of knowledge and acting by involving science, economy, politics and society

The German Ocean Foundation is supported by prominent marine and climate scientists, celebrities from the media, sports and culture and cooperates with NGOs, foundations, science and companies from all over the world.