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Enabling a life supporting, regenerative and truly sustainable economy.

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Made for our common future, in a shared world.

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Pioneering transformational practices for nature and human development.

Finances &

Opening a new investment horizon, providing impact investment opportunities into our ecological and infrastructural livelihoods, for the coming generations and our shared future. Establishing and processing the World’s foremost real asset investment funds, realizing forceful sustainable impacts.

Matching sustainable
real values and


Offering truly sustainable real value investments, generating advantages for life:

· in Nature, as ecosystem restoration, agroecology and forestry, landscapes and food chains, soils and fertility, reforestation and land cultivation, and more.

· in basic infrastructures, as renewable energy production and supply, water desalination and purification, pipelines and supply, circular economy and recycling, health care, education, green building and public supply.

Open for All: institutional investors, medium and small investors, companies, foundations and NGOs, communities, families and individuals.

Valuation &

Providing true cost valuation and sustainable true value accounting for the integration of non-financial information (NFI) and the disclosure of environmental and social impacts into the companies balance sheets. Enabling impact transparency within investments and business, for entrepreneurs, companies and investors. For the establishment of sustainable business cultures and the empowerment of regenerative economic practices. 

Valuation and balancing of real sustainability performances

United Sustainability’s integrated sustainability valuation and accounting allows the valuation of the non-financial performance of companies and investments along their true sustainability performance.

For sharp-cut, evidence-based transparency on the societal and ecological effects of business practices, to strengthen and encourage companies, entrepreneurs and investors to achieve true sustainable business performance.

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